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Menthol Crystals

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Menthol Crystals


CAS# 2216-51-5

AEP Colloids provides L-Menthol or Natural Menthol crystals to its customers.  These crystals are produced from mint oils through the process of distillation, filtration and crystallization to obtain a purified product suitable for use in food and pharmaceutical applications.

A clear crystal at room temperature, Menthol is found in many medicinal applications.  From products such as lip balms, decongestants, topical analgesic and cough medicines. Its delivery of a cooling sensation can aid in the treatment of sunburns, muscle pains, sore joints, and sore throats.  Menthol distinct flavor and fragrance has also found its way into products such as perfumes, chewing gums and cigarettes.  This aromatic crystallized oil is useful in many applications.

Appearance: Large, colorless crystals with a penetrating odor resembling peppermint.
Melting Point:  41 – 44 °C
Specific Rotation: -45 – -51 °C
Chromatographic Purity: >97.0%


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  • Gum
  • Throat Lozenges
  • Ointments
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