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Propylene Glycol Alginate

What is Propylene Glycol Alginate?

(PGA) is an emulsifier, stabilizer, and thickener used in food products. PGA is soluble in hot or cold water and is stable in high acid solutions. Propylene Glycol Alginate is an ester of Propylene Glycol and Alginic Acid. Within a pH range of 3-4, PGA is most stable and above 6.5 pH begins to degrade.  With the product being stable at low pH and not gelling in the presence of calcium,  this allows PGA to be used in application where a Sodium Alginate would not be suitable.

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For over 50 years of industry experience, AEP Colloids has been one of the leading Propylene Glycol Alginate suppliers for the food and pharmaceutical industries.

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