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Guar Gum Applications

Guar Gum is used in a number of applications in various industries including food, beverages, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, paper, textile, construction, oil & gas well drilling, mining etc, due to its cost effective emulsifying and thickening properties. Below is a list of common guar gum applications:

  • Guar gum for Sauces
  • Guar gum for Soups
  • Guar gum for Ice Cream
  • Guar gum for Noodles
  • Guar gum for Gravies
  • Guar gum for Dough
  • Guar gum for Pet Food
  • Guar gum for Cottage Cheese
  • Guar gum for Natural Gas Recovery (Fracking)
  • Guar gum for Animal Feed
  • Guar gum for Mining
  • Guar gum for Salad Dressing
  • Guar gum for Textile Printing
  • Guar gum for Paper
  • Guar gum for Explosives
  • Guar gum for Cream Cheese
  • Guar gum for Condiments
  • Guar gum for Processed Cheese
  • Guar gum for Cake Mixes
  • Guar gum for Baked Goods
  • Guar gum for Bread
  • Guar gum for Pasta
  • Guar gum for Frozen Food
  • Guar gum as a Beverage Thickener

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