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Top 10 Reasons AEP Colloids Should Be Your Gum and Stabilizer Supplier

Why choose AEP Colloids as your gum and stabilizer supplier? Here are 10 reasons:

1. Fast Shipping – Get fast, reliable, on-time residential shipping services.  With our FedEx® Tracking, you can keep tabs on your shipment by entering the tracking code at any time.

2. Customer service – We prides our self on excellent customer service.

3. Guarantee – When you choose AEP Colloids as your supplier, we guarantee to meet your texture and stabilization goals with speed and efficiency.

4. High Quality Products – All of our products are manufactured under GMP and HACCP Standards. We stand by high quality products through thick and thin!

5. Technical Support – A customer service representative is assigned to every order and available to oversee your job through all phases of production.

6. Free Samples If you’re not sure about a specific product and want to test it out, you can request a free sample.

7. Research and Development – We are constantly researching the development of new products and procedures to provide you only the highest quality products around.

8. Quality Control –With 50 years as a custom stabilizer manufacturer and a full-time quality control staff, we pay particular attention to details.

9. Logistics – We reduce costs and create internal efficiencies through our global logistics services.

10. Competitive Pricing – At AEP Colloids, we always offer our customers competitive prices on our wide range of high-quality products we sell.

AEP is a supplier, manufacturer, and distributor of water soluble gums and custom stabilizers. We provide top quality products and service while remaining competitive in our industry. Contact us at 1-800-848-0658, click below to view our products or request a free sample.

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