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Kosher Guar Gum

What is Kosher Guar Gum?

Kosher Guar gum is a source of soluble dietary fiber and is used as a food extender in various recipes and products. Below are a few common products you will find kosher guar gum in:

Guar Gum for Beverages 
When guar gum is applied in preparation of beverages it refreshes body and mouth feel, its viscosity remains under control, and ensures the longevity of the shelf-life.

Guar Gum for Pastry ices
The guar gum absorbs water and prevents excessive stickiness.

Guar Gum for Noodles:
When applied to noodles, its moisture is retained and its texture and form is improvised.

Guar Gum for Soups:
Acts as a thickener and stabilizer in soups

Guar gum for Processed cheese:
When applied in the formation of cheese its texture is enhanced and retains the flavor. It also acts as a stabilizer in cheese.

Guar Gum for Bakery
Improves the texture, increased dough yield, improves the longevity of the shelf-life, improve the structure of crumb.

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