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Are you wondering where to buy Xanthan GumFor over 50 years, AEP Colloids has been one of the leading Xanthan Gum suppliers for the food and pharmaceutical industries.

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CAS# 11138-66-2

Xanthan Gum is a microbial polysaccharide produced by the organism Xanthomonas capestris.  Through fermentation in a medium containing carbohydrates, a suitable nitrogen source, dipotassium hydrogen phosphate and appropriate trace metals the microorganism is grown.  The gum itself is recovered by alcohol precipitation, dried and milled to specification.

An Xanthan Gum solution shows typical pseudoplastic characteristics.  These properties make it an effective suspending agent sufficient to suspend fine particles while preventing oil droplet separation.  Heat stable in the presence of Potassium Chloride or other salts Xanthan Gum solutions are also stable at high pH levels when compared to other hydrocolloids.  In combination with Guar Gum and/or Locust Bean Gum, Xanthan exhibits a synergestic viscosity increase that is useful in stabilizing many different types of products.  Xanthan can be used in Food, Pharmaceutical and Industrial applications as an emulsifier, stabilizer, thickener and rheological modifier.

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